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Global Feedback Solution

Triend is a comprehensive software solution that focuses on collecting and analysing customer reviews and feedback.



Our easy-to-integrate widget is a game-changer, allowing providers to seamlessly incorporate it into their websites and offering customers a streamlined review and feedback process. With this widget, businesses can display verified ratings and scores, which contributes to building trust and credibility among potential customers. The widget ensures that the displayed reviews are authentic, accurate, and reliable, further enhancing the reputation of the businesses using it.


Innovative rating metrics

Triend's unique approach includes the evaluation of sustainability, inclusiveness, and other critical factors, allowing businesses to collect data that helps them better understand their customers' values and preferences, as well as optimize their offerings for a more responsible and diverse audience.

Verified digital assets for reviews

Utilizing blockchain technology, Triend ensures that reviews are verified and authentic, eliminating fake reviews on websites and restoring trust in the feedback process. This transparency and reliability give customers the confidence to make informed decisions and businesses a fair platform to showcase their services.

Seamless review uploading

Triend's user-friendly interface enables customers to easily upload reviews directly to the platform, with options to provide feedback through text, images, or video. This streamlined process encourages more user engagement and improves the overall quality of reviews.

Customizable review filters

Businesses and travelers can filter reviews based on specific preferences, such as sustainability or inclusiveness, allowing them to find the most relevant feedback quickly. This tailored approach not only helps build trust and transparency but also drives direct sales by connecting customers with businesses that match their values and requirements

Admin section for business's

Our cloud based admin section empowers businesses with a one-stop platform for verifying, managing, and improving their services using innovative Web3 technology. The all-in-one management solution streamlines the review management process, allowing businesses to efficiently handle customer feedback while fostering positive customer relationships. Triend's advanced analytics tools provide crucial insights by analysing review data, helping businesses identify trends, pinpoint areas for improvement, and uncover growth opportunities.


Comprehensive ESG, safety, and inclusiveness ratings

Triend's admin section enables businesses to measure and track their company's performance in critical areas such as ESG, safety, inclusiveness, and more. This holistic approach helps businesses identify areas for improvement and align their practices with customer values.

Customizable questions and surveys

Businesses can personalize questions and surveys to gather granular data on specific aspects of their services, allowing them to delve deeper into customer feedback and better understand their audience's preferences and concerns.

Dynamic review management with video responses:

The admin section allows businesses to reply to and manage reviews effectively, including the option to respond with video messages, creating a more engaging and interactive experience for customers.

AI-driven operational insights

Triend's advanced generative AI algorithms analyze review data and provide actionable insights, not just for understanding customer feedback, but also for improving operational efficiency. This data-driven approach helps businesses make informed decisions, fine-tune their offerings, and ultimately enhance their overall performance.

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subscribe to TRIEND

Triend community updates. Nothing spammy.

Copyright © 2022 The Triend Group