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Online reviews are currently broken in that they are centralized and controlled by a small number of large companies, such as TripAdvisor, Google, Yelp, and Facebook. These companies have a significant amount of control over which reviews are seen and how they are presented, which can lead to bias and manipulation.

Triend is a decentralised review platform that uses AI to combat fake reviews and provides businesses with tailored data to stay competitive, all while making reviews digital assets that can be owned and monetised.

Triend is designed to benefit both travelers and businesses. Travelers benefit from a more reliable and trustworthy review system that provides personalized, authentic reviews. Businesses benefit from the ability to collect unbiased and verified reviews directly from their customers, and the opportunity to access tailored data that can help them stay competitive in the modern world. Triend’s third-party review tool offers businesses a way to build authenticity and trust without relying on centralized platforms,

Building on the Camino network, a travel specific EVM based Layer1. We chose Camino due to its low and stable gas fee cost and travel specific focus.

Triend rewards users with its token for making verified reviews and participating in challenges, incentivising them to grow the Triend ecosystem and contribute to more reviews.

Triend can be integrated into any business, regardless of its technology platform or Web3 integration. We believe Triend will help businessses onramp to Web3.

Trust feature works by using our innovative artificial intelligence driven review analysis to correlate metrics from multiple sources .

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