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What is Help2Earn? Triend CEO Matthew Hairsnape on Newest Crypto Movement

You’ve heard of Play2Earn, Move2Earn, and Watch2Earn, but what about a 2Earn mission that honors your helping hand? Meet Help2Earn.

Introducing a new movement in the crypto space that incentivizes you to help others that need it, no matter where they are in the world or what they may need. Launched on the initiative of Triend, a new video recommendations app in the Web 3 space, CEO Matthew Hairsnape breaks down Help2Earn as a new token-driven action where you’re recognized and rewarded for your goodwill.

What does Help2Earn mean to you?

“Help2Earn is the concept of incentivizing everyone worldwide to help each other a bit more. It’s the idea that everyone wants to be sustainable but doesn’t do anything sustainably. Help2Earn is getting that incentivization in terms of cryptocurrency to be rewarded for giving that help as and when someone needs it. For example, say someone is lost or arrived somewhere and wants to know where to get the best ice cream. Rather than scrolling through feeds and blogs of content that isn’t necessarily helpful to them, Help2Earn is the antithesis to getting that help and rewarding someone for it.

Help2Earn could be many things. It could be that you’ve just arrived in a location and want to know exactly where to get dinner. Behind the lines of Help2Earn is that it is all community-based. People in my community can help me, and I reward them. Wherever that community is, it’s a way to empower each other, whether in the crypto space, sport, music, or art.”

How did Help2Earn come to life?

“Help2Earn came to life due to a real-life story. I was with my partner in Chile, and there was a petrol strike. It was 1 am, and we were driving and quite scared as we couldn’t get petrol anywhere. I thought to myself – Facebook and Google are places I could scroll, or I could call random people, but if there were some way by using technology that I could connect with someone as and when I needed it to help me, I would give them something. Whether it was 10 euros or cryptocurrency – I needed that help and was willing to give it. That’s how Help2Earn originated – it incentivizes people to help you when you need it.”

How will Help2Earn work in the Web3 space?

“Help2Earn in the Web3 space can be used in many ways, especially based around incentivizing tokens to get the help. What we are trying to build with this movement is a lot more about empowering people and sharing. There are a lot of ‘2earn’ movements at the moment – Play2Earn, Move2Earn – but how are these projects sustainable? You cannot constantly pay out as a company for people to interact with your product. What we love about Help2Earn is that it uses the amazing parts of these companies, but it can be much more sustainable. Rather than the company paying out, people pay each other. The circle is created by making this a sustainable, helpful movement by sharing tokens and using those tokens to live the experience. Unlike Web2 platforms like Facebook and Tik Tok, we don’t want people to be endlessly scrolling. We want people to use Help2Earn to find the help they want and live that experience.”

See the Help2Earn movement in action on the Triend app!

Daniela Rogulj

Daniela Rogulj

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