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Hvob & Âme Are Set For A Spectacular Summer Fortress Rave In Croatia

Over the past few years, Croatia has become one of the world hotspots for music tourism and epic party locations. Just as you think it couldn’t get any better, a local promoting crew; Collage, in partnership with Lighthouse festival are aiming to take it to the next level.

On 10th August, Âme(Innervisions) are bringing their live performance alongside Austrian duo HVOB in what promises to be an unforgettable event at the stunning St. Michael’s Fortress, Sibinek.

The view from St Michael’s fortress of Šibenik. Image: Doktorpixel14

Where: St. Michael’s Fortress, Šibenik, Croatia.

When: 10th August 2019.

Who’s playing: Âme & HVOB.

You can purchase tickets here.

One is an explorer of distant galaxies and the other is a composer. They never even suspected that their encounter in a record store in their native town of Karlsruhe would be considered as fateful for the future of dance music. The chemistry between the two friends resulted in the formation of the duo Âme, currently among the most influential names in the world electronic music scene.

Âme have performed in clubs and at festivals in Croatia countless times, but this time they will present themselves live on the 10th August in the wonderful ambiance of St. Michael’s Fortress in Šibenik.

Besides Âme, Šibenik will see the performance of the popular electronic duo HVOB (Her Voice Over Boys), which connoisseurs refer to as one of the most intriguing revelations during the last several years. They set off from Vienna on a musical crusade throughout the world with their unobtrusive agreeable combination of electronic, ambient and old school house music enriched by the vocals, holding concerts across the continents, including appearances at prestigious festivals such as Burning Man and Sonar.
The incredible Boiler room from HVOB will surely get you in the mood!

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