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Top UK Famous Places You’d Love

Top UK Famous Places You’d Love

If it’s your first trip around the UK or you just want to explore a bit more of the country,  here’s a list of the top UK famous places you’d love!

UK Famous Places Location 1: Leadenhall Market

This victorian marketplace was the setting for Diagon Alley and the Leaky Cauldron in the Harry Potter films. Leadenhall Market is a beautiful and airy market in the heart of the City of London, that hosts a unique selection of boutiques, shops, restaurants and bars. It is a hidden gem which is both outdoors and covered. Visit this iconic London landmark, an ideal spot for shopping, drinking and dining safely in the heart of the Square Mile. Definitely one to check out even if you’re not a Harry Potter fan!

Top UK Famous Places You’d Love

UK Famous Places Location 2: God’s Own Junkyard

For years the area was known only for it’s drab and boring flats. More recently it’s brought an influx of young creative hipsters into the area, which is how God’s Own Junkyard a kaleidoscopic warehouse-maze of handmade neon signs was created. It would also be a really cool place to take some Instagram shots. God’s own junkard is free to enter, but you’ll have to pay to walk away with a sign.

UK Famous Places Location 2

UK Famous Places Location 3: Magic Circle Museum

Magic Circle is a secretive group of illusionists who have set out to keep the magic in magic. While the illusionists don’t have to reveal all of their secrets, those who are curious can take a peek at the mysterious collection kept in their headquarters’ museum. However entrance into the Magic Circle headquarters is restricted to members only, although they do host a number of public events, as well as you’re able to apply to be in the magic circle but this will take a lot of hard work.


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