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Woman Solo Travel Tips

Woman Solo Travel Travel Tips

As a woman, you may have the desire to travel, but may have some fears about doing so when alone…which is totally normal, so here’s 5 female solo travel tips you must know before travelling! Whether you’re traveling alone or with a small group of friends or family, no one should let their fears keep you from seeing the world. Instead, it’s best to make smart decisions and choices while traveling as a woman, so that you can create lasting memories, keep safe and have an amazing experience.

Woman Solo Travel Tips 1: Research before your trip

If you want to be as prepared as possible, it’s a good idea to do thorough research before your trip. Make sure that you look into the areas where you will be visiting. Where is the best place to stay? Is there a busier area that will have more people around? Don’t forget to carefully check accommodation reviews. This can help you stay safe and avoid uncomfortable situations. I find that most reviews are helpful because other people genuinely want to leave a review that will help other travellers. 

Woman Solo Travel: 5 Must Know Female Travel Tips

Woman Solo Travel Tips 2:  Arrive at your destination during the day

Arriving at night time can feeling intimidating because when it’s dark it’s harder to navigate your way around. It may be more enjoyable when on an amazing adventure as you can actually see everything around you. It seems a little less daunting to be able to see your surroundings. Sometimes it is really worth spending a bit more to pre-arrange your transportation from the airport to your accommodation just to get peace of mind.


Woman Solo Travel Tips 3: Act Confident and Be Alert

Simply walking like you know where you’re going can be a total game changer, looking and feeling confidence can go a long way especially when traveling as a woman! If you’re visiting a new area alone, try to appear as confident as possible. This can help to show others that you’re alert and know what you’re doing. Always be alert and trust your gut feelings when traveling! If you are stuck then going into a local shop or cafe to ask for directions is a far better option then standing on the street looking lost.

Woman Solo Travel: 5 Must Know Female Travel Tips

Woman Solo Travel Tips 4: Know Your Accommodation Address

I will always pick up a hostel / hotel card with their address and phone number on it.  Then if I get lost I can show this to a taxi driver to get back safely. If you are in a place where they don’t speak much English, find someone who can write down the address in the local language. You will feel much less worried about getting lost if you know you can show the address to a local, who can point you in the right direction.

Woman Solo Travel Tips 5: Respect the Culture

When traveling, it’s especially important to respect the local culture. You don’t want to offend or disrespect anyone! It’s a great idea to look into cultural customs ahead of time so that you’re prepared before your trip.

Go see the world and have many amazing experiences! When traveling as a woman, taking extra precautions can help to keep you safe and can make your trip more fun. The above travel tips can help you better prepare for safer travels.

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