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Why Triend

What our partners have to say

Sha Johnson

Lydney Travel

Although its still a very new system. Since implementing Triend, we've seen a substantial increase in direct bookings and customer trust. The transparency and authenticity of the reviews have given potential guests more confidence in choosing our hotel, resulting in higher occupancy rates and a boost to our bottom line

Jim Johson


We were most interested in the data-driven insights have helped us fine-tune our offerings and create more sustainable and inclusive experiences for our clients. The platform has also allowed us to engage better with our customers, fostering loyalty and positive word-of-mouth referrals."

Tom Shakir

Nirbana Hotels

"Triend has revolutionized our approach to customer feedback. The tokenized incentives have encouraged our guests to provide genuine, detailed reviews, which has helped us better understand their needs and expectations. The platform's focus on sustainability and inclusiveness aligns with our values, enabling us to attract like-minded travelers and build a strong, engaged community around our resort."

Karim Emam

The tamper-proof reviews give our guests peace of mind and trust, resulting in more bookings and return visits. The platform has also made it easier for us to manage reviews and respond to guest feedback, allowing us to continuously improve our services.

Payment FAQ

How are paid plans billed?

Paid plans are billed both at a Site and Team level. Both subscriptions are always linked to the email of the purchaser. In order to get extra features and faster loading time to your site, you can acquire any of our site plans. In the moment of purchasing the first site plan within a team, a Team account will be added automatically so editors will be charged at a team level.

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How do I pay?

How are paid plans billed?

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subscribe to TRIEND

Triend community updates. Nothing spammy.

Copyright © 2022 The Triend Group